Who We Are

Susila Dharma Britain was founded in 1985 by British members of the World Subud® Association, as a social and humanitarian charity devoted to encouraging just and sustainable development in partnership with others in Britain and around the world. This work and these partnerships are funded by British Subud members through the understanding gained in their spiritual practice of the role of compassion, generosity and enterprise in the inner development of all human beings.

The name “Susila Dharma” originates from Sanskrit words and may be understood as meaning being ‘guided from within to take action in the world’. The work of Susila Dharma Britain originates from an awareness of a common humanity that transcends differences of race and culture. The intention behind Susila Dharma is to support people to live and work in harmony in their quest for a just and sustainable society. The focus of Susila Dharma Britain is on people and relationships, and a belief in the ability of a person to reach their full potential — socially, economically and spiritually. How we work with others is as important to us as what we achieve.

We are a voting member of the Susila Dharma International Association. SDIA is a network of similar NGOs throughout the world who work with their project partners on the ground. One of SDIA’s purposes is to provide a coordinating function between its network partners, be they fundraising charities or project managers throughout the world. The Association acts as a coordinator between these networks and project partners giving synergy to what are comparatively small organisations with limited budgets, to enable them to achieve more than if working alone. An important function of SDIA is to provide monitoring and evaluation expertise, capacity building support and publicity services to each of the network partners who require it.

Annabella Ashby
Chair of Susila Dharma Britain

To find out more about Subud® go to www.subud.org.uk