International Child Development Programme (ICDP)

Susila Dharma Britain’s support for ICDP


Colombian children helped through ICDP

ICDP programmes aim to enrich relationships between children and those who care for them and Susila Dharma Britain is providing assistance to expand these programmes in countries such as Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay and the Ukraine. This activity aims to deal with childcare that can falter when families are uprooted through social changes, migration, catastrophes, children losing their parents, or having been numbed by severe deprivation and emotional shock.

Susila Dharma Britain has more recently been active in funding workshops and training programmes at Mina Clavero in Argentina and Huila in Colombia. With an emphasis on empathy and compassion this has helped local facilitators and communities improve standards of care and developed on-going parenting programmes.

Susila Dharma Britain’s funding has helped many communities and parents in the world through its support for ICDP programmes that

  • Develop, educate and train caregivers and care staff
  • Build competence and confidence in community members
  • Improve relational abilities of teachers and parents

This works through networks such as primary health care and social services and ultimately projects are transferred to the community for locals to manage and deliver workshops and programmes. At the first level of training participants implement the programme directly with families. The second level of training qualifies participants to train others. The final level of training authorises participants to supervise the future developments of ICDP in their communities.

Donors have supported Susila Dharma Britain and helped raise over £24,000 in recent years to fund this humanitarian initiative and we hope our future efforts continue to provide a sustainable difference in local communities around the world.

Visit the ICDP website to gain further insight into their work and achievements. Here is an extract from their ‘Who We Are’ page:

Before its registration as a foundation, ICDP operated as a small team of experts linked to the universities of Oslo and Bergen. The preparatory work on developing ICDP was started in early 1980s, led by Karsten Hundeide and Henning Rye. The idea was to formulate a psychosocial intervention programme based on psychological research and literature in developmental psychology. The ethos of ICDP is to provide for human care by activating empathy and education of both caregivers and their children. Our work is based on the principles that are laid down in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. ICDP may participate directly or indirectly in activities run by other humanitarian organisations having corresponding objectives.

Check out their latest news with what’s happening around the ICDP world.