How We Work

Susila Dharma Britain was founded in 1985 by British members of the World Subud® Association, as a social, humanitarian charity devoted to encouraging just and sustainable development, in partnership with others in Britain and around the world. This work and these partnerships are funded by British Subud members through the understanding gained in their spiritual practice of the role of compassion, generosity and enterprise in the inner development of all human beings.


  • A world inspired with compassion and humanity.


  • To support humanitarian projects throughout the world.
  • To foster the expression of humanitarian aspirations.


  • We value diligence in our actions and compassion in our feelings.
  • We are inspired by integrity and transparency.


The Susila Dharma Britain team is 100% voluntary. We believe in the value of developing capacity and skills through the medium of voluntary action. The charity’s donor base are the members of Subud® Britain.

The board is a small team whose effectiveness is enhanced by being part of the Susila Dharma Network. This network is made up of similar teams in other countries as well as the NGO partners managing projects. As a network we support 35 partners in 16 countries. As an individual member of the network we directly work with 8 partners in six countries, (the exact number can vary from year to year). Our priority is to match our capacity with effective management, monitoring and evaluation to ensure good reporting to our donors and the network as a whole.

Other teams in other countries do likewise. Together we fundraise and deliver benefits to project recipients.

The focus areas of the network are diverse, ranging from provision of care for the elderly, support for the terminally ill, through to education and agricultural projects. This wide focus reflects a belief that all aspects of human life and culture deserve equal attention.